About Anaesthesia Cases

Anaesthesia Cases is an on-line, editorially-reviewed, journal of case reports in anaesthesia, pain medicine and intensive care. It is provided by the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland as a resource to its members and other registered users. It is linked to the journal Anaesthesia (see below).

Our aim is to publish all high-quality case reports that record cases of interest, provided they adhere to our ethical guidelines and that they contain a learning point relevant to our readers. We recognise that many case reports are rejected by traditional print journals unless they report a particularly significant new disease or treatment. However, many new conditions or treatments first came to light in a case report. For other conditions it may be helpful for clinicians to be able to find a body of evidence to support a particular treatment or plan for care that can be derived from a collection of reports describe similar cases. 

All submissions will be reviewed by the Editorial Team of Anaesthesia Cases. Those suitable for publication will be published ‘on-line’ as soon as they are accepted. All reports will have a unique reference number and URL and can be referenced using this. Some reports may be suitable for publication in Anaesthesia and will be referred to the journal’s Editor-in-Chief for review. If they are subsequently rejected by Anaesthesia, they will be sent back to Anaesthesia Cases for further consideration of publication on this website.