Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Anaesthesia Cases?

Anaesthesia Cases is an international online case report journal. It will consider any original case report on all aspects of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine. All articles are peer reviewed and edited before publication and are available online.

2. How do I become a registered user?

If you are a current member of the AAGBI you are automatically registered. If you are not a member, please apply here to become a registered user.

3. What can I do as a registered user?

You can read full case reports and submit case reports.

4. How do I submit a case report?

Firstly, you must be a registered user (see 2) and then click Submit a Case.  Once you have created your case report you have the options of saving it (as a draft), submitting it to the Editor, or deleting it.  Saving a case report will not send it to the Editor, in order to do this you must click on the 'Submit to Editor' button.  Case reports that have been saved but not submitted will show as 'Draft' in your My Case Reports area.  Once you have submitted a case report you cannot delete it.

5. How much will it cost?

Both submitting to Anaesthesia Cases and searching for and reading case reports is free (see 3).

6. How do I read a case report?

Please use the search function or click on case reports listed on the homepage. If you are a registered user you will be able to access the full report. If you are not a registered user, you will only be able to view the summary. Case reports published on Anaesthesia Cases and in the journal, Anaesthesia, from 2012 onwards can be viewed via this website.

7. How do I search for case reports published in the Anaesthesia journal?

Enter your search terms and the website will search both Anaesthesia Cases and Anaesthesia (via Wiley Online Library).

8. May I submit work that has been already published?

No – dual publication is not acceptable (and is likely to breach copyright).

9. I am awaiting permission of copyrighted material/ethical approval – can I still submit my work?

You should wait until you have approval. If you wish to discuss this with us please use the enquiry form (see ‘How do I contact the Editor?’ below).

10. How can I check the progress of my submission?

You can view the status of your case report from your My Case Reports page (that is accessible from the homepage once you are logged-in). Automatically generated emails will be sent to you to relay the progress of your submission.

11. I want my case report to be published in Anaesthesia, how do I do this?

From 1 October 2013, submission via Anaesthesia Cases will be the only way to submit your case report to Anaesthesia. The decision to publish case reports on the Anaesthesia Cases site or in the journal Anaesthesia rests with both Editorial Boards.

12. What is the difference between Anaesthesia Cases and Anaesthesia journal?

Anaesthesia Cases is an international online case report submission service and online publisher. It only accepts case reports. Anaesthesia is an international journal produced as hard copy and is also available online via Wiley Online Library. It publishes editorials, original articles, review articles and correspondence and case reports. Cases reports submitted to Anaesthesia Cases may be published by either Anaesthesia Cases or Anaesthesia journal. Registration for Anaesthesia Cases is free (and automatic for AAGBI members). The AAGBI provides an annual subscription to Anaesthesia as part of its membership benefits. Anaesthesia is also available by annual subscription directly with Wiley.

13. Will my case report be PubMed searchable if published on Anaesthesia Cases?

At present it is not clear if PubMed searches will include Anaesthesia Cases. However, published case reports can be referenced using the unique URL for each report.

14. How can I find my case report if published?

If it’s not listed on the homepage as either ‘most recently published’ or ‘most viewed’ then please use the search function. Searching using your unique Case Report ID is the easiest way to find a specific case.

17. After logging in for the first time I am unable to submit a case report. What should I do?

Please try logging out and logging in again.

18. My case report has been returned by the Editor - how do I make the suggested changes and re-submit?

Click on the case report ID to open your case report.  Click on the 'Edit' button to make your changes remembering to save your changes as you go along.  Once you have made your changes you have the options of saving it (as a draft) to continue working on it at a later stage or submitting it to the Editor.  Saving a case report will not send it to the Editor, in order to do this you must click on the 'Submit to Editor' button.  Case reports that have been saved but not submitted will show as 'Draft' in your My Case Reports area.

19. Can I present my findings as a poster or oral presentation at a meeting before submitting my case report to Anaesthesia Cases?

Yes, but you must declare that it has been presented (in part) at xxx meeting when submitting your case report. 

20. Can I present my case report after it has been published on Anaesthesia Cases?

No, once it has been published on Anaesthesia Cases it is considered in the public domain and cannot be presented as original work at a meeting.